Announcement!  Announcement!

If you enrolled within the last month, this doesn't affect you.

If you enrolled before that, you're at a new website. This is instead of Please note the change.

I updated/improved a few things... you can now change your account name & email address yourself! On the ACCOUNT page. Duh.

I tried to match your password, and which modules you've already done, with the old site, but surely there are some inaccuracies.

If your password doesn't work, I'm sorry! PLEASE USE THE PASSWORD RESET FUNCTION. I've tested it many, many times. It does seem to work.

Obviously, if you run into problems with that--or anything else--email me for sure.

Welcome to the Premium Course Area!


This is the Premium Course Area Main Dashboard. You can access every premium course from this page.

Click the button below to start (or continue) any course in which you've already enrolled. If you're a Lifetime Member, you have access to every course.

If you haven't enrolled in a specific course, click the appropriate button below, and you'll be given instructions for how to enroll.

Any questions, please email Jordan.